Am I too much of a mother figure?

Alot of my friends call me Mamma or Mamma Bear because I apparently have a very maternal nature. For example: I like to bake for my friends, I always have band-aids in my bag, I look after my friends when they're sick, lot's of people come to me for 'motherly' advice and apparently I give really big warm 'Mum' hugs. I also volunteer at a children's hospital and an animal charity.

Am I too much of a 'mother' for a 19yr old? Are guy's attracted to this, or would it be too much like being with their mum?


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  • Good guys will be attracted to you because subconsciously they'll see that you'll make a good mom for their kids. Don't change yourself.

    Be careful you don't fall for an immature guy that is actually craving another mother though. I've seen it happen where my guy friends that are slobs end up dating "motherly" women and the woman thinks she is going to transform the guy into her dream guy someday but that doesn't ever really happen lol.


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  • Lots of guys are attracted to women with strong maternal qualities. The only thing to watch out for is guys who want you to be a mommy replacement for them. Guys with mommy issues are no less trouble than women with daddy issues.

  • some guys like women who remind them of their moms, but it's generally not acceptable in our society.


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  • that is just who you are. no need to change it. you don't want to be worried about "attracting guys" because when you do that that's when you start getting more quantity over quality. say you changed into the perfect ideal girl (whatever that is) and got all these guys. then what? do you think all of these guys would be ready to sweep you off your feet and be your one true love or you think at the age of 19 they would just wanna f*** you and brag that they did it to their friends and move on? what you want is the right guy who will love you for who you are. you have a maternal nature, so its in your nature, not something you can change and why would you want to? the world needs more people like you. just think if more people were caring and maternal we'd have less wars, less selfishness and violence and just more love and freshly baked cookies! so if i, a 22 year old ex-pothead can see that, a man who is looking for the right woman will definitely see that as well and appreciate you. so just keep being you and the guy who deserves you will be attracted to your nature and things will go from there :)