2 guys like 1 girl, girl can't decided between the 2 boys. What should I do?

i feel bad for even asking this because I know there are people out there who have no one. But I have 2 guys who like me. One of them I talk to all the time andwe both kindof like each other. we have fun hanging out in a group, but once it is just me and him we don't really know what to say. The other one I also talk to a lot and I liked him for a long time but he frustrated me a lot because no matter how much I tell him how great he is at music he still thinks he is the worst musician alive and he frustrates me. but I just found out that he likes me and its bringing back some of the feelings I had for him. I don't know what to do.


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  • Guy 1) Sounds like a friend

    - You can conversate with him

    - You guys are on friendly terms

    - You guys are nervous about what you should say/do when you're alone with each other


    Guy 2) Is not a guy you should date

    - He has emotional issues which he expresses to the public, even after being complimented. (thinks he's the worst at anything)

    - He pissed you off in the past


    Neither sound like good criteria for a relationship. But if you HAD to choose (as if these two boys were the last boys on the planet you could date) - then I would say number 1 is a better choice.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Id suggest just letting it take its toll. Keep trying to move forward in the relationships and the right one will show itself. Just give it time to see which is right for you.

    But becareful because this wa may just get you in too deep to choose either.

  • If you can't pick, you don't love either enough, so don't take either

  • Not complain! ha ha I'd die for two guys to want me.

    But honestly, I've never been there so I can only say may a pro/con list (as lame as that is) and think who you think is the best for you. Good luck!