Advice for Online Dating Situation?

I found what seems like an amazing girl on Plenty of Fish (a rarity it seems) and she seemed interested in talking to me even after checking out my profile. The only two times she answered back however it took a few days. I just figured she was busy.

Then I found out how to see when a person is online (which is kinda creepy stalkerish...), and after my last email to her, she's been on Plenty of Fish everyday but still hasn't emailed me back (and read my email the very day I sent it). Is there an appropriate amount of time to wait before emailing her again? I don't want to seem in a rush, because I'm not, but the fact that she logs on everyday and still hasn't emailed me makes me just really wonder.

Who knows, maybe I'm getting lost in the slew of emails she's getting from other Plenty of Fish users. Still, finding someone like this for me is an immense rarity, and I don't want to blow it. Any women that can guess if there's a reason she waits so long, or a suggestion how long I should wait?


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  • stop emailing and ask her for her AIM or MSN and start talking to her there


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  • I'm on there as well, if I have done a guy the way she's done you, it means I'm mildly interested, no big deal either way, she probably isn't very interested, I wouldn't put all your efforts in her, just keep fishin'


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  • That's what Plenty of Fish means..people are surfing through checking out hundreds of profiles...Sort of like in a pick up bar, no? Just like real life, only faster!

    Why are you surprised?

    Wouldn't it be easier to meet someone just holding the door for them at a cafe? I'm married and I meet women that way all the time, not that I pursue it and most of the women are just making conversation, not trying to start anything anyway..

    \But if I were single, I'd rather try pursuing those women than fighting with all the other fish!