Would kissing my best friend scare him away?

okaay so this guy I am talking about is one of my best friends , and before I knew him I thought he was cute , then I thought well id rather just be friends . now I want him so bad it hurts . and he can't seem to make up his mind , one daay he won't leave me and alone and will slapp my bum or put his arms around me then the next day he ignores me . but I knew another girl liked him and she had asked him out and I played it cool like I didn't care but inside it was eating me alive . he told me he didn't like her and never would but he hadn told her yet and I figured hey guys lie maybe he is lying to me . so the night before he answered her I told him I liked him more than a friend and he told me he didn't like anyone at the moment and I asked him if he would ever date me and he said "well you never know ;)" so I was happy because it was better than a flat out no. then this past week I told him I wish I hadn't told him because we don't talk anymore like we used to and ruined everything but now he texts me non stop and in the middle of our science class together he always winks or smiles .. I just don't know how to read his signals anymore , I just want to kiss him and tell him he means a lot to me but I'm not sure if that would scare him away.. what do you think ? help me out guys


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  • Stay friends, or let him kiss you.

    • i think I'm just going to wait , but the thing is I have waited , and I know he liked me before , I'm just not sure if those feelings are there anymore, but thaanks ( :

What Girls Said 1

  • He said he didn't like anyone, so that includes you. Forget about him.