Why was he so upset?

the other day I texted my ex cause I had an important question to ask him he texted me back with the answer and I left it at that the next day he calls me up and asks y I never texted him back. (he has another girlfriend )y was he so upset that I didn't text him back?


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  • maybe he still has feelings for you and to him he probably got excited that you even texted him and when you didn't answer back it more then likely buged him. Sometimes even if ex's have girlfriends or boyfriends it still gets to them when they see your name or hear your voice, its just normal. I'm sure you didn't mean to bug him or get to him, you just had a question but he can't help the way he feels about you. Hope that helped


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  • He probably just wanted a simple thanks or some sort of acknowledgement.


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  • consideration.? just to let him know you got his text.? some guys are weird like that.