Is he dating me to get over her?

texts another girl saying in the morning "so I guess your never gonna talk to me again, why haven't you texting me or anything?"... I also think since he texted her in the morning that he was thinking about her as soon as he woke up, We just got together a week ago and he was talking to her before me but then she was like you have a gf.. and then I looked at their previous texts and she's like why do you have a girlfriend now ? he goes I liked you and you started texting my best friend john.. so I'm guessing he liked her a lot and then she f***ed him over therefor he's dating me to get over her but its not working...


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  • if your question is what your gut feeling is telling you, then you are either the backup girl or the rebound girl

    you should typically wait at least 6 months before going out with such a person in your age group


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  • i say forget him and move on