Need Ideas For Hanging Out W/This Guy...?

I feel pretty stupid asking this, but oh well. So this guy is coming over and I like him, and I'm pretty damn sure he like me lol. I never really had a problem w/this b4, but ma guy best friend was fighting w/his girlfriend while she was over here and long story short, he said ma house is boring when he comes over. He always had a good time b4. What I'm asking now tho is do you have any ideas bout like what we can do when we hang out. It's always been me, him, and our [guy] friend. Now I'm all self conscious and dont want him 2 b bored when he comes over, you know.? We're gonna b home alone 4 a few hrs. I mean I was thinkin we cud watch a movie and go swimming and stuff, and I'm not rly a planner and just kinda wing it, but I still dnt want him 2 end up gettin bored.


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  • Swimming and a movie is always fun, if he's interested in you he won't get bored. Even just sitting outside talking can be fun and relaxing sometimes. You don't have to plan a fun filled action packed day just to enjoy your time together!


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  • Long story short, if a guy is in love with you, he can have fun just sitting on the coach and staring you in the eyes for an hour in completely silence.


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