Ladies if a guy says he wants to do something with you but its just because he likes you what do you think?

Ok lets say your into tarrot cards and the guy says I am too lets do some tarrot card readings together. Then you find out the guy is clueless about reading tarrot cards and just wanted to be with you does this make you angy? What if you loved making cupcakes and the guy said so do I lets make cupcakes together and all of his cupcakes fell apart. How would you feel about this? If he did it just cause he liked you.


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  • If I was into him I would be flattered and if I wasn't than I would just be annoyed. Careful that he lies only to impress though. One shouldn't have to lie about what they like excessively in order to impress someone. If its meant to be it will happen and pretending you like things you don't isn't always good. Not saying that doing something because the other person likes them isn't good (its very good), but I would prefer that he be honest about what he knows and be curious to learn about what I like.


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  • well id think it was sweet he liked me enough to do stuff I was into and he wasnt but id much rather him be himself

  • I would think it was cute that he put an effort into doing something he wasn't really interested in just because he liked me. =)

    However, I wouldn't want to just find this out like six months into the relationship and have something that I thought we bonded with just be a lie.

    • No trust me you would find out right away as soon as the cupcake fell apart. I'm gona try to make cupcakes with this girl I like but I'm a football player, I don"t know how to make cuopcakes. so as soon as they crumble she will know how much I like her. lol

    • Haha, then that would be totally fine with me! I think that's a cute little lie, but does she honestly believe that a football player is into making cupcakes? ;D Good luck! I think this is a good way of telling her.

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