Same guy. same problem. should I just wait till he texts me?

so this guy likes me and he knows I kinda like him. he asked for my number on FB a while ago, but he hasn't texted me. should I wait till he does? cause I didn't ask for his number. or should I ask for his number and text him? I don't wanna seem desperate, obsessed or anything , but he hasn't talked to me online for almost a week, which in girl time, that's forever (probably cause he's busy with college, so I understand) and like I've mentioned in the other questions, he's not the "sentimental" type. so should I ask for his #? or just message/post a comment him on FB?


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  • u can casualy ask him in a funny way to get his number, that's what I would do. or if you can wait just wait. but unlike me... being a girl... lol yes I can't wait that long. haha, so I would try and mess around and be like " hey you! haven't heard frm you I na while, text me sometime. I miss talking to you :) " something like that

    • should I still send it if it kinda seems like he hasant been on FB for a while? since we last talked actually. that's why I think he's been busy.

    • i would. you can always delete it :)


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  • Hopefully you're not in the friend zone.


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  • You can make friends with him first if you do not understand him.Well sometimes it just calls feelings not "like".I think you can post a comment him on F B .

    • we've been friends for almost a year now and the only reason why I didn't go for it was cause my friend use to like him. and he admitted to her a while back that he really does like me. that's why I don't know how to talk to him cause I don't want to come off to eager, you now?