Why is he going around myspace asking his friends to hook him up with some hotties?

He knows that I have a myspace (we wrote to each other a few times) and I know he checks on mine. As I do his. So, last night I went to a mutual friends page and he is telling her in a COMMENT to hook him up with some hotties! WTF! We have been broken up for 19 days. He told me that he didn't want to date and that I would never be easily replaced. That was 2 weeks ago. Why the sudden change in heart? There are boys he doesn't know leaving comments on my page. Is he getting even? Or is he over me? We were together for three years, living together, and he was helping to raise my 5 year old son. We were in talks of marriage and kids. Is he trying to hurt me?

i text ex regarding my sons soccer game. He says back, out of nowhere, that he knows its non of his business, but he cares for my SON. (notice he didn't say me). He said the guy has white power all over him. jealous? Was that why he left those comments?
Ugh! He called me yesterday cause he owes me money. He could have just mailed it or transferred it but he insists on bringing it to me. He also wanted to know if I was alright. I don't know how to take this. He is being friendlier than usual.
I wrote him a myspage message asking if he was ready to be friends cause its akward to not be, and invited him to ice cream next sat after my sons soccer game. he read it but didn't reply. What's his deal?
A friend of his wants to hook up; I told him about it and he got all pissy; he said he still doesn't know me; that I shouldnt hang out with the dude--and says its none of his business. What is up with my ex?


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  • The whole reason thet he is doing it is because he does know that you also have myspace. He is trying to get some sort of reaction out of you. If you guys haven't been talking too much, he probably doesn't care if you give him a good reaction or a bad one, at least its something, ya know? I don't think he is trying to hurt you. Maybe I'm wrong tho, I don't know enough about you guys, so that's just a best guess.

    • Well I didn't give him a reaction. It upset me but I didn't say a word to him. Why would he do that when he broke up with me? He knows that I still love him!

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    • Understandable. Thank you.

    • Anytime, good luck

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  • Quite likely he is trying to retaliate for the messages on your MySpace. You either have to get back together or tell him clearly it's over and to stay out of your mail!

  • white power?

    • He said he has iron crosses and SS lightning bolts all over. The things is I have been talking to this guy a lot in the past few days. A mutual friend of ours emailed me and asked me how I was doing. I told her about this guy. Three days later that comment about the hotties are on a friends page. A day after that, he is making comments about him and even knows his name! Is he just jealous? Is that a sign he still cares?

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  • Honestly, I think he's just doing the whole rebound go crazy thing. I think he's just trying to go a little wild right now and in that stage of not caring.

    • Do you think it is kinda pathetic to ask for people to find you some hotties? Can't someone do that themself?

    • I think it's pathetic. However I have seen guys break up with girls and then start to do some weird things. It's kind of like they decide "Screw it. I'll do something crazy and act differently"

  • idk. I usually do that 2. when people send me a myspace message, I sometimes read it and then respond later. maybe he was rushing off. you never know. He's really hard to read though, because when he came to your house that day, he made small talk. I guess he brung his friend so it wouldn't be awkward between you 2. but he didn't respond to the myspace message. I think he will though. because his actions at your house makes me believe he will. why don't you text him?

    • Because I don't know if I am pushing him farther away. I'm thinking I will just give him some more space again

    • Please read update...u seem to have real good advice...still no response to the email. texting each other for an hour today...and now he is IM my brother to go racing

    • I think he still wants you and wants to be in your life, but he doesn't know how to go about things. he still loves you, there's no doubt about that, but he's hesitating to jump into another relationship with you. were things really bad when you all broke up? like a lot of arguing and stuff? he's probably scared that he would go back to the same thing that he left. he wants to be with you though. I can tell.

  • LET HIM COME AND BRING YOU THE MONEY.he's obviously just pulling ideas out of a hat, just to talk to you. I think this is a good sign as well. let him come by! talk to him! that could be the day that you all make an offical couple again. update me hon.

    • You really think so? Okay...he will be here in a few hours. I'm so nervous. Do I ask him how things are going?

    • Yea, play it cool girl. act like he is a friend. don't bring up the relationship in any way. let him. I believe he is. have casual conversation. everything is cool girl. don't be nervous. have a drink. lol :-)

    • Well he brought his fat ass friend with him...so I didn't get to have a conversation. He was kinda stalling though to give me my money. And when he saw my son his eyes lit up! what should I do now?

  • if he looked at your page and he sees comments of other guys on your page, he might be getting even. I think he was hoping you would run into it, seeing that he put it on a mutual friends page. do you guys still talk?

    • Here and there. I had to go to our old apartment an hour ago, where he is still residing to pick up some things. He was dressed completely different and had is hair all done. he hasn't done that in three years! What the heck!

    • Did you tell him you were coming? he could be doing that for you. I know lots of people that do that to their exes to make them miss what they had. it's usually happens when they want you to miss them or miss what you had. you know?

    • Yeah, he knew I was coming. he even asked exactly what time I would be there. that makes since. he broke up with me!

  • i think he still cares. he's making comments about this guy, that he thinks you're going to be involved with soon. I think it's a sign of jealousy. :-)

    • Thats good, right? I still want to be with my ex though....what would you do?

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    • I bet if you texted him and said you haven't had any in a while, can he come by and give you some, he would jump at the offer! or if you came to him and was like, I know our relationship didn't quite work, but I've been horny lately. can we be friends with benefits? You all have a lot of history. so if it got me and my boyfriend back together after us being together for just 2 months, I know it will work for you.

    • LOL. Okay, I can try that!