Ruin my chance with him?

so I really like this guy, he just spent like the whole weekend hanging out with me at my house,it KINDA seemed like he was flirting with me like he would always try to sit next to me, he came up behind me and held my hand and I accidentally pulled away and he got embarrassed and didn't talk to me to much the rest of the night..did I ruin my chances with him?


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  • No... not yet, but you will have soon if you don't show him that you too are interested.

    You've just shown him the opposite.


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  • I kind of did the same thing, except we went hiking and I pretty much shot him down without realizing it since I was so caught up in not getting my hopes up and thinking he only wanted to be friends. It has been two months since then and we are hanging out at least once a week. I'm working with him and his commitment issues currently.

    My advice to you is tell him how you feel, or invite him over again and hang out with him and sometimes brush him by "accident" with your arm or hand, see if he responds accordingly. If he does you have fixed it.