Online dating, is it a good idea?

OK so about 2-3 days ago I was actually on this website and a girl messaged me after I had answered one of her questions. We started talking over chat and she was really nice and after about half hour I had to go but I sent her a friend request over facebook. the only problem is I don't know about the whole internet thing, its not that I think she is really a 45 year guy acting as a girl but just the fact that I don't know if I'm comfortable with the whole internet dating thing. I'm sure if I decided to pursue this girl a bit more we could probably date but I just don't know about the whole thing since it would probably be all online. She is also 3 years older than I am and about to get out of college while I am just starting so I don't know if I'm to comfortable with that either. Any advice for this situation?

Ok well I looked at the anwsers and I think I decided what I'm going to do, thanks for the comments.


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  • Honestly a lot of girls aren't into it. Unless she has shown in an interest in dating you online then I would just leave it be but continue to talk to her. Keep yourself pulled away from her and date other girls. Its way too soon to tell if her thoughts are the same. I don't think there's anything wrong with dating online if both partners are all for it and willing to work at it, but its rare for that to happen.


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  • well, I was online for exchange thing and dating once and met with 3 guys who are awesome, very nice and smart , ofcourse others are weird. but it's good to try, if you don't like her just delete her out of FB or then tell her that you don't think she's the one :)


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  • The age is not a big deal. The internet is an amazing thing and you should take advantage of it. If you like this girl (She is interested and your attracted to her). You can easily ask her out over the interest (facebook). Its not like the real world were the long pauses can be seen as awkward . On the net you can pause and think. IF you want to date her, than ask her out. The first date doesn't mean your getting married. Its just to get to know each other.

  • Just to put it into perspective, how many really quality girls will be looking for dates with strangers on the internet when they can have pretty much any guy they want in real life? It's rare.

    • Very true, thanks for the comment.

    • Don't generalize please. :) I am quality, and I am curious about the whole on-line dating experience. Have an on-line account not sure what to do with it yet, it is sketchy but I know a few other girls who are pretty smart and successful and they do not have time to go out and meet guys as they use too when their schedule was more open.

      So there are many aspect to dating and why people choose too...

    • I'm not putting down online dating. You have to be careful though, there are so many missing parts from an actual human interaction and the potential for the person to not be who he/she pretends to be.

      I'm glad you spoke up though aries, respect