Why do men seem to date thin women then marry large women?

not all but many. I have noticed a lot of men who are just dating choose to date thinner women (or average sized) yes some date larger of course but not as much. then when I see married couples or when men get engaged, it is usually to a larger woman. (plus size up). all of my friends who are engaged are heavy. almost everyone I know who is married or engaged is with a heavy set woman. with the exception of my rich friends who only marry smaller and fake looking women.

i don't understand at all. are heavier women more attractive to men? I don't mean just thick or curvy but I actually mean larger women who most would consider "fat" but I hate using that term since I used to be called it all the time when I was heavier.

also, I am of average size and well...still not married. I have had guys tell (that are exes) me they are not ready, then later on find out they married a heavy set woman. I really don't want to gain weight because I have heart problems and high blood pressure and diabetes, so I can't choose to gain weight. I am a size 5, and I want to stay healthy because I don't want to die (since I'm already so messed up grr) but I feel like if I stay this size guys will just always want to date me, and never marry me. does anyone know why so many men do this? I mean, yeah weight doesn't matter I guess but TBH I would be afraid for my wife's health if I only wanted to marry a larger woman and would be scared to death of something happening to her.

why do you think this happens? thanks

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  • Trust me. They're not "more attractive".

    The explanation for seeing more overweight married couples is fairly straightforward; both parties have reached their primal aim in life, met a mate and spread their genetic code so there is no need apart from the health benefits to stay in shape.

    As for everyone getting engaged to 'large' women, well, I guess that's just coincidence.


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