Where is a place to bring a girl for the first date?

they say to a mans heart is through his stomach. so like is this the game as women and like what is a great place to bring a girl for the first date? an expensive or a medium cheap


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  • It really depends on the girl. You could probably discuss it with her beforehand. Some girls like fancy restaurants, and others like places that are a bit more laid-back.

    What I don't recommend, however, is going to the movies. While it may be a bit awkward on the first date, you want to get to know the other person and talk. If you already know them well enough, places where you talk still have their benefits; this is the first time you and that girl are alone and can actually get to know each other better without friends telling embarrassing stories and whatnot.

    Your profile says that you're 16, so I assume that you're in high school. Ask your girl to go to homecoming with you, and let things unfold from there. Maybe you could take her out to dinner, or just hang out at the mall and get to know her oddities (maybe she likes trying on crazy hats that she would never buy, etc).

    I find a guy who is interested in me for my opinions and my quirks to be much better than a guy who just wants to grope around in a dark theater. ;)

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