Is it OK to ask a girl out by text when she is with her friend?

I know it isn't right asking her out by text but have to because it is break now and I won't be able to ask her in person.


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  • I'd say it's definitely okay! Her and her friend are probably gossiping about you right now anyways... (if she likes you) so sending her a text would be totally fine! Throwing yourself out there is good ;)

    • Calling her to ask her would be even better though! You don't have to ask her in person! It shouldn't be that big of a deal!

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  • I say that you should at least call her. It's always better to hear the guy's voice when he's asking you out. (:

  • Why don't you ask her to hang out and ask her then? If she is on vacation just wait until school starts again. Personally when a guy asks a girl out on text it seems really lame and just makes you look foolish and less of a man.


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