Can we ever go back to being friends?

Dated a girl on/off for 3 months and split because of distance. We are both in new relationships but I do miss her. We were friends before we dated and always enjoyed each others company. We split mutually and agreed to stay friends but we never talk unless I initiate contact. I don't expect to talk all the time but the odd conversation would be nice. I thought we were both OK with friendship but the lack of communication seems to indicate otherwise. She used to initiate conversations but now seems totally uninterested. Perhaps she feels awkward doing so with her new boyfriend but I don't have a problem with my girlfriend knowing as I am not looking for anything else. it just seems as if everything changed after we dated but I don't see why it can't go back to how it was?

Should I ask her what's up or just leave her alone. If she doesn't want to be friends then that is OK but I'd rather she said so as I thought things could go back to how they were.


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  • You need to give it time. You may have been friends before, but dating did change everything. Give her some space and when she's ready to be friends she will come around.


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  • I still want to be friends with my ex but I would never text him first.

    If he wants to talk or chill he'll text me because if a guy wants something he'll get it, period. And I don't want to bother him if being friends isn't what he wants.

  • I feel the same way! I don't really know how to answer that because I'm in the same situation and I don't even have an answer for it!


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  • this reminds me of me and my ex. we had a big fall out because of something I did, but she forgave my wrongdoing and we decided to remain friends. however, at that point I was still in love with her and wanted more than friendship with her. it bugged me so much how she would never initiate any conversation with me but she could still contact her other exes. this went on for quite some time until I realized it just wasn't worth it feeling this way. she was in already in a relationship at that point and the fact is her boyfriend was her new priority. whether we spoke or not did not matter to her. so I'm guessing this is how your ex feels as well. just leave her alone. if she wants to talk to you in the future, let her make the effort. the difference between you and me is that you have a girlfriend now. I didn't and it was hell, the things I had to face on my own. you should treasure that and just forget the ex.

    • Yea I was in the exact same position, & that's exactly what I as thinking, tho maybe once in a few moths he could say hi , not much more just in case she wants to talk again but feels awkward for brushing him off before,

    • I think your right. It would be nice to be friends again but if it is not to be then such is life. She isn't my priority anymore either so I'll leave it up to her. Thanks