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I went to a small party with some older friends. Since I'm underage (20) and was there as a guest to an older friend (30), I found myself attracting a lot of older men. One of the girls at the party was trying to set me up with her attractive brother. Throughout the night I had much to drink and eventually my friend and I needed a ride home. The girl offered us a ride, 6 of us total crammed in a small car. So of course I had to sit on their brother's lap. One thing led to another and we started making out. By the time I got home we were well acquainted and he asked for my number. I thought he was just being polite (in front of his sister) and I obliged, not really expecting a call. He texted me later that evening saying though we were both drunk he would like to see me again and I said I'd love to. He never responded and didn't call me today. Is he going to call? Is there some appropriate 24 hr rule he is abiding by? or should I just forget about him?


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  • See, once ur old enof b sure ur parents will get the right person 4 u. Don't B'liv on all these craps, Above all, Plz don't Bliv in Love and Things & be sure that you don't get into trubles, What will you do if you have the same story happen again with this guy or some other person? will you swait for the call? Don't be silly, Its tough to leav in this world with all these kind f thoughts. Try to forget everything and do concentrate on ur studies or job, Watever you do now.




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  • text him saying something like hey what are you up to. or even a simple hey what are you doing. if you both had a good time he will probably respond and if he doesn't don't worry about it. at least you had a good time

  • well, to tell you the truth, you kinda moved to fast with him. he might be interested, but not too interested. you kinda ended on a ackward note because yall made out too soon with really getting to know you as a friend first. he might call, but. he might also be interest in the wrong thing so be careful not to give out false signal like that in the future. plus, boys don't really like girls who kiss them so easily, so but careful