How do I know when to kiss you?

I have started to hang out with this girl that I like and she seems to like me too. What are the signs that a girl will give that means she is ready for me to make a move?


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  • She will be looking at your lips a lot and also she will be butting her lower lip or licking them she might get a bit shy and will probably hesitate when talking to you and when you do lean in and kiss her she will either let you finish or push you off and if she let's you finish she wanted to kiss you and if she pushes you of you can just say sorry I couldn't help it or couldn't help my self


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  • when you two are talking and she's looking at your lips. or if she keeps bumping into you. just always trying to get close to you.


What Guys Said 1

  • You take her home, walk her to her door. If she seems to be hesitant about walking in the house then lean in. If she wants a kiss she will lean in also (like the last 10% of the way).

    It's a kiss and shouldn't be over analyzed. My first kiss was age 4. I just got up in class, walked over to her, kissed her, walked back to my chair and smiled.

    • lol

    • Oh, and most women move a confident man. If she gets upset that you tried to kiss her at the wrong time, apologize for knowing what you want and going for it.