Would you consider texting everyday but not calling shows that he is interested?

me and dis guy will text everyday. we usually will ask each other what are we up to and tells about what happens each and everyday. but he rarely speaks on the phone. would you consider this as less interest?


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  • some people are just not phone talkers. Do you see each other often?

    • yes, like everyday. but now we are on semester break. but he insists on seeing me. he even drove about an hour just to see me last week and now he wants me to go and see him.

    • Well, Me and my boyfriend don't talk everyday, but we tend to text a lot more- and I think it's just convince so if he texts you and drove and hr to come see you- then he's more then likely interesting in getting to know you more. Maybe you should go see him if you get the chance?

    • i'm planning to go and see him :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • most of us prefer texting

    • when on the phone it is easy to run out things to talk right that is embarrassing.

    • owh,thanks. but sometimes we wanna hear your voice. but somehow I found that you can spend more time by texting rather than talking on the phone :)

What Girls Said 3

  • I think if a guy calls you too that mean he is really interest in you. I texted my guy friends all the time and we talked for hours and hours. The conversations are just like you guy. So I think you should ask him to call you sometime to make sure that he likes you more than friend.

  • He could just be busy or like they said just not a talker. Have you asked him why he doesn't talk to you in the phone?

  • My boyfriend is like that he just hates talking on the phone tho

    • which one do you prefer?

    • I prefer to talk honestly and he will call me most days now because he knows it bothers me.