Is a freshman too young to date a junior?

Ok, so I'm a junior, I'm 16, and I met a girl who I like and I think likes me. I thought she was a junior when I met her but a mutual friend of ours told me she's a freshman. I'm not sure if she's too young for me. The thing I'm most worried about is what her parents would think of me, being 2 years older than her. One of my friends says she's kinda young for me and another told me her age isn't a big deal. So what do you all think?


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  • No when I first met my boyfriend I was 22 and he was suppose to be 18 and I found out months later that he was 16 and it have been years now and we are still together


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  • first id like to ask why every ones posting anonymously its making me a Little peeved.

    i certainly thing that if she likes you and you like her then you should give it a shot, if her parents don't like it then that's a slightly unfortunate but its her choice and yours.