Went out with a guy, had a great contact, still in contact but no second date yet?

Ok so I went out with a guy the thursday before last. He did it kind of traditionally - called me and talked to me and asked me out. We went out and it was nice. We know each other through common friends but don't know each other well and this is the first time we hung out together.

He has been in contact with me since (through email). His most recent email ended with talking about how he thought the place we went to was amazing and that we should do it again. I wrote back that it was a good idea and maybe we could get a drink after work. I did this last Thursday and he didn't respond. He had asked me something else earlier and so I separately responded to him about that today. he responded back about that in about 10 minutes. What do you think is going on here?


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  • He's probably just busy. I wouldn't read too much into this yet. He's maintaining contact so remind him about the drink after work.he may simply have forgotten if he's as busy as I am!


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  • he likes you. you should call him and tell him that you're free on a certain day if he wants to go out. if he says he is busy just stop showing interest and start dating other people. if he says he is busy on that day ask him what day he is free and then tell him that you're going out on that day. if he can't commit to that. just drop him

  • Nobody is too busy to go on a date. Even if it's a short as having drinks. Next time just write how about a drink after work today around 5 ish @ such & such bar . He's still talking so that's a good sign

    • I totally agree - except that I already made a comment about it in a previous email to him (which was responding to him saying we should meet up again). I gave him lots of help. So it seems the ball is definitely in his court and he is hesitating for a reason. I don't want to impose myself - i.e. he should be freely interested. Don't you think? He's a guy after all.

    • You ALWAYS ALWAYS want the ball in YOUR court. Even of your a pither in a ball game you want to be in control. If you throw a strike or a bean ball it's your choice so keep the ball in YOUR court.

      Yes, he should be interested & unless there is a good reason & he's not saying. He answeres your e mail that's good, so now go out there & get him, throw the bean ball with a specific time & date. If he stays down no harm done it is time to move along to the next one!

  • It's possible that he might want to take things a bit slower!


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