Will I ever have a chance with him or should I just get over it?

OK so there's this guy that I've known for forever and I've always kind of had a thing for him (were both 18 now and freshmen at the same college). We have the same friend group so I see him basically every weekend and even during break. He was hooking up with this girl but wasn't dating her then over the summer we ended up hooking up and both said it was just a one time thing but it wasn't and we hooked up a few more times (he was still hooking up with this other girl) we hooked up one weekend when this other girl was still around and then the next weekend they were dating. I don't know what happened but I didn't expect to be so hurt by it and honestly didn't think they would ever start dating. I still see both of them all the time and it sucks and I realize that I wish I had done things differently so I could be dating him. I really want a chance with him but I don't know if I'll ever get it. I've been trying to get over him for months but its just not working. Do you think I'll ever get a chance with him or should I just give up and keep trying to get over him?


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  • He chose the other girl over you. What can ya say? You had competition and lost. Your best bet is to be happy for him, and just move on with yourself.

    This is why girls need to stay submissive and wait for a guy to confidently approach them. Let guys decide on who they want, let them pursue the girls.

    If you want a chance with him, don't hook up anymore. Let him come to you. This probably won't happen for a while though, since he's involved with this other girl.


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  • he was just looking for a fling with you and he wanted a relationship with this other girl. I would be hurt too so just don't randomly hook up with guys.