Why wont he respond?

yes, I have not been out in a long time, like five years so I forgot what I should expect from guys.i went dancing and drining wtih my friends this last saturday and the guy that I was dancing and making out with for over an hour will not respond to my text messages. at first, sat. night when I left he texted me three times and the last one said goodnight. then I texted him back the next day and the day after and zip, zilch, nada.is this just typical dancing and makeout behavior? guys ask for the number, but never call or hardly call. shit, they say they'll call and don't! read my other question.


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  • I think he was interested only in getting laid. After he texted you that many times and realized he isn't getting anything, he just moved on. At least that's my opinion based on previous exact behaviors of mine,and friends. :S


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  • It sounds like you dodged being used for a bootie call, or "one night stand". You might should count your blessings that you are wondering why he isn't calling after some kissing and heavy petting, rather than after he bent you over his kitchen table, or worse, after he left you with a little one to worry about. Dead beat dates become dead beat dads.

    Not all men show their true colors before they get into your pants. it sounds like he did, so trust his poor judgement and look for Mr. Right.

    Good Luck



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  • You need to expect this from guys. A lot will do this it's more like a one night stand only he never got anything so moved on. Just don't get attached and let the guys come to you and then forget about them if they don't txt you. No point txtin them as if they want to contact you they will. Forget about him 4 sure and good luck