Guys, what do you do when you're in this situation?

when you're friends with a girl. and your friends say all the time that you two should date. what is your reaction if you don't like her like that, and what is your reaction if you do?


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  • The only time it ever happened to me I liked the girl so I don't know what I would do if I didn't like her. I just smiled and shook my head at my friend and I'm sure I looked like an idiot but it's chill. We almost ended up dating but she said we were already and I didn't know so when people asked me I said I don't think so. Still haven't really talked to her about what went down... I feel like a f***ing dumbass.

  • It's totally personal - no one should consider entering into a potential relationship, based on peer pressure. If it doesn't feel right to you personally then chances are, it actually isn't.


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