Kiss on the forehead, and a favorite tie?

Me and this guy has seen each other a couple of times and talk on the phone and texts.. Recently he was with me and he had to leave and we were kissing and he held me close but then we stopped and he kissed me on my fore head, and then he held me close and kissed me one more time on the lips .. I'm so confused, he doesn't say he miss me or anything like that he just avoids it the topics about feelings... What does it mean guys...


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  • I know I'm not a guy but I'll try to help as best I can. I myself have trouble with expressing my feelings. I didn't really like telling anybody I missed them because it just felt so cheesy saying it. Maybe that's how he feels. It's not that he doesn't miss you, just that he may feel weird vocalizing it. Maybe it's how he was raised, where expressing your emotions wasn't really praised, he may not really know how. So if you feel comfortable, tell him you miss him, let him know that saying things like that aren't corny. That it's OK to say how you feel. Guys are usually expected to harbor their feelings because expressing them is too feminine. I wouldn't worry too much about it. What girls find increcibly simple, guys may find incredibly difficult.

  • Kissing you on the forehead was a very cute gesture, but it doesn't necessarily mean he is emotionally connected to you. Since you said he isn't comfortable talking about his feelings, he's probably not ready for a relationship. And since you haven't been in contact, that's another bad sign. Just move on and forget about him.