How do I get over this?

My ex and I broke up two years ago after a two year relationship. During these recent two years, we were on and off. Seeing each other and then spending a couple of months apart until he would come back wanting to see where things took us. This recent time, about a month ago, I thought we should really just give it our all and just go for it, but he was hesitant about jumping into a relationship and wanted us to "build" to this point.

All of a sudden, he just stopped talking to me for 2 weeks until I saw him at my girlfriends birthday party. We didn't speak two words to each other. After two weeks, I stumbled upon something on fbook and saw that him and this girl were in a relationship. He kept telling my friend that he was "confused" and all... could he have been talking or seeing this girlfriend of his behind my back to cause this confusion?

I've never been so shell shocked and confused! I am really hurt and wondering what the hell is up with this guy...


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  • It's very possible that he was seeing her without you knowing... but it sounds like you weren't in a committed relationship anyway. I can imagine that you'd be hurt, but I think the best thing is to let him go. Obviously he's not trustworthy enough for you to pursue this any further. Now, you'd probably like to get cloture or something like that, but sometimes life just sucks and you don't get cloture... so, do your best to forget him, meet someone else, and move on.


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  • you should probably just forget about pursue this relationship with him, since her had this girl that he was with in a relationship. well at least he wasn't trying to have an affair. but seeing that she doesn't want to have a relationship with you but just a fling is that he just isn't that interested in you. sorry to say it though


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  • I am sorry to hear that I really am. To be honest sounds like something so similiar in my personal life. I was with my X for 21/2 years. Similar case as urs on and off then I found out he had a girlfriend not olny that but pregnant too. I understand how you feel becasue you feel like you been bretrrayed, hurt but most of all shocked!..I am sure that he was already talking to this girl maybe behind your back I don't know or maybe not but if he didn't tell you most likely he was. you should let him go. Don't worry he will regret what he did and maybe come back to you but is up to you to take him back but don't wait for him to come back MOVE ON!..Time will help you heal that pain. This guy doesn't deserve u! I hope I helped u. Good luck with everything.


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