I just told my boyfriend that I kissed another guy. How do I make him feel better?

My Boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and I have been having a few problems, my boyfriend is always late to affairs that we plan or obligations, he has a tendency to break plans with me and not tell me, he doesn't like me going out clubbing with my gf's without him plus he doesn't always show me the attention that I crave.

So a few weeks ago this guy I met at a party added me on FB and started chatting to me. I opened up to him about my problems and he was just so nice so we met up for coffee and he kissed me. I knew at that point it was my Boyfriend that I want to be with and no one else.

I told my Boyfriend about what happened as I did not think it right to lie to him and now he is hurting I want to make it better. What should I do?

My Boyfriend has forgiven me. And we are now stronger then ever. He never turns up late to commitments, and I have seeing him more than once a week now! Out of something bad always comes something good.


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  • So you cheated on your boyfriend, and now you want to make it all better, well good luck with that, you should be glad that he is still with you and hasn't dumped you. If my girlfriend met another guy, went on a date with him, and then kissed him, that would be the end of our relationship.


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  • Make sure that your boyfriend knows how you feel about him. Not talking to him about the problems between you two before is definitely not the way to go. Going out and kissing another guy is really not what you should be doing either. Your boyfriend needs to know how you feel without any more miscommunication, then it's all up to him to decide what to do on his end.

    This is why people say communication between 2 people is extremely important.

  • A very strong face to face Sorry, then give him 2-3 days, glad I can help.


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  • Well it was a good thing you told him and you were honest bout the kiss. He will be hurting because its normal and so at this stage give him time. Say sumthing like it was an a mistake and if you could change it you would. He dsnt mean nething to you and tht you want to be with your boyfriend. Tell him that your always gonna b there for him so if he's ready to talk to you tht ull b more than happy and it would mean a lot to you until then let him hurt it out and reflect on things because its a normal processes. At least he knows you will b there for him.Just learn from your mistakes on this one. :) goodluck