Is it OK to not have your first kiss knowing you're getting ready to get out of high school?

Ok so I'm a junior in high school and I've never had my first kiss nor a boyfriend. I feel so late. I mean I'm not ugly I'm beautiful and let me tell you plenty of guys... well a few that I know of liked me but it felt like they weren't the one. I don't want to enter my senior year being single even though that is normal but I just want to be happy and find that special someone. I just...I need answers for this one and advice.


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  • Well if you are so worried about it why don't you give one of "the many" guys who go after you a chance? People go on probably hundreds of dates in their life times trying to find "the one" for them. So in order to know if you have tryly found someone special, you have to give them a chance.


What Girls Said 1

  • Even though it is your first kiss, not all are so special unfortunately. Mine kind of sucked haha,. But if you want it to happen before senior year, then think seriously. Look more into each of these guys backgrounds and see if there seems to be anything promising or why not to be with them. If none of them seem to spark interest, try to find someone else. It doesn't necessarily have to be someone from school.