Why do girls get nasty when a guy dumps them?

well I just broke up with my girls seriously not ten minutes ago from writing this.

we were basically doomed from the start, she lives and hour away and I don't do well with distances. we had a wonderful connection that I had never had with anyone else, it was good until we dated for about a a month and didn't hangout. it was a pain in the ass to get her to hangout but we finally did. when I was going to leave she didn't even kiss me and I knew that something was going to be wrong with us. over the course of our relation ship, oh a good three months, we started becoming distant and not talking to each other much.

recently she was avoiding trying to hangout, and she wouldn't answer my calls and this past week I had lost all feelings so I decided I was going to break up with her after Christmas, I was trying to work it out this whole time but she wasn't even trying. so tonight I finally said I cannot do this anymore and I told her all my reasons and I wasn't mean about it. then she's like fine whatever and then started picking me apart and saying everything was my fault and just started getting really nasty. I tried to be nice and just so OK, but then it got to much and I told her to f*** off and she continued to keep saying sh*t to me.

But why oh why do girls have to get nasty when a guy dumps them, or the girl is just wrong about something? I know guys sometimes have ego problems but women don't want to be wrong or have to know everything or it drives them nuts why is this?


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  • The typical scenario when the girl gets nasty: it's when she was putting in all the effort and the guy wasn't responding and then dumps her after ignoring her when convenient, using her, flirting with girls in front of her, using her to get more girls, etc, which is understandable. Your case, she wasn't putting in the effort. So I actually don't know why she reacted that way

    My best guess is that she had a lot of pent up frustration in the relationship that maybe she was trying to deal with and while she was dealing with it, you broke it off and the frustration just exploded in your face. Not trying to defend her: It' just my best guess. Perhaps that's how she deals with a lot of things: by yelling. : \ (not all girls deal with things by yelling, btw).

    • nope she has had a lot of stress at home and I was the lucky one who got the brunt of it all


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  • From what you wrote it sounds like you were dating a girl who was a little unstable. Will you elaborate on "picking me apart and saying everything was my fault?"

  • It's probably because being dumped hurts, even if she seemed like she didn't want to be with you anymore. So she was trying to make you hurt too. Trying to deflect some of it off her and onto you.

  • Because some girls are dumb about stuff like this. I don't really understand it either. Just don't let it bother you and know you're better off not being with her if she acts like that.


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