Why would a guy say this on their first date?

My date said "that's a nice butt" when Jessica alba was in her underwear in little fockers.

I mean we had a really great time and he kissed me goodnight and it lasted a few minutes so I figured I wasn't just a friend.lol


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  • you're reading too much into it. he was just making a comment. if anything that shows he's really comfortable around you

    • I couldn't have said this better myself

    • Ya most guys think that since it is a celebrity on TV it doesn't matter if you make comments on how sexy they are, boy is that a mistake. My girlfriend used to get secretly pissed when I would do that.


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  • Some guys would. I doubt any guy wouldn't think the same but the fact he said it aloud on a date shows he's probably not the loyal boyfriend type. Just make sure he knows the relationship is serious if you're serious that is and if you don't like it then let him know.


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  • Lol I watched that today! He was just stating what he was thinking which there is nothing wrong in that, just means he shares his opinions with you =]