He hasn't called at all, why?

My boyfriend went to Vegas Friday after we hung out, didn't call before he boarded plane as promised and hasn't called at all, why?


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  • maybe his life has been action packed since friday, and was thus unable to call you. either way, I would have definitely made time to call my girl, especially if I had promised her...


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  • Ohh geez that's a tough situation. Hm..you say he didn't call..but have you tried? If so and if he hasn't answered then hopefully he is ok...And next, there's a lot to do in Vegas, maybe he hasn't had much of a chance..how long has a been there? But he really should contact you somehow to say that he won't be able to talk much.

    • I've texted and called he is supose to come back later today, we dated in hs & juss got back together he's also a professional ball player so could he be testing me to see if I handle this well since he's leaving in Feb. to go play ball somewhere? *shrugs*

    • Hmmm, this could be true. Yeah he may be testing you, because there will probly be a lot of that when he's gone. Whenever he calls, you should be totally up front and ask if he doesn't say anything right away about why he's not contacted you.