Why would a girl not call back? Help Needed

Well I met this girl and we talked on the phone yesterday. We talked for about 30 minutes and I thought it went very well. Out of the blue while we were talking she was like " I need to take this call, I'll call you back." Of course she didn't call back. We had planned for her to come over today and watch some basketball games. After and hour and a half went buy I texted her letting her know I was about to watch a movie. Still no response, so about 2 hours later I sent her a little good night text. Once again no response. I still haven't heard back at all. I have had bad luck with females doing this to me in the past. I guess I'm asking do you guys thing she is not interested or is it actually possible her phone died or something came up?

Update, she just texted me and said she just woke up. She said her and her best friend got in a car accident last night and the car was totaled. She also said she was in the ER til 6. Something tells me she is full of s***. What do you think?


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  • If you like her, give her the benefit of the doubt. that's a pretty elaborate story to make up


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  • Don't worry ALL girls do that. They worry If they'll call you back too soon they'll sound too desperate and you'll be put off them. Nothing to worry about. Happens with practically ALL girls. ^-^

  • Sorry but I think she's just trying to blow you off nicely.


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