Does text messaging get annoying after a while? MEN please help!

i recently started dating this guy again and I'm very sweet and attentive and I like to text him good morning and have a good day at work... sometimes I text "xoxo". could this get annoying or would you guys not consider it sweet if its done everyday? Thanks!

Ps. I've been dating this guy on and off for a year now. we are both so busy with full time school and work that we keep taking breaks because of it. Can you advice? Thanks :)


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  • Right, MY opinion - I'd love a girl that did this, it'd show they cared and were attentive and were always thinking about me.


    You can do this and it MAY annoy some guys, but even with the guys it doesn't annoy you can't get upset if you get no response. I've had people text me a question and I've been literally MUCH too busy to answer (work, emergency, and told myself I'd reply as soon as I was done and ... well, it slips your mind! So if you're going to do it, prepare to maybe not get a reply sometimes, like the xoxo thing if he's at work he has no time to reply.

    You sound like a great girl and I'm sure you'll be fine :)

    • I think that's what my problem is at times... I expect a reply and I know I shouldnt, Thanks!


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  • Oh god yes it does. I hate text messaging anyway and I can only deal with it in the beginning.

    • Thank goodness I asked! Because I feel like he might think this way also :)

  • Every day would be fine... every 10 minutes would be annoying. :)

    • that would be really stalker like hahahahaha not me at all. but I get the picture so no more. maybe twice a week or so.

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  • it can be cute every once in awhile, but it can get old

    • That what I'm afraid of. lol I guess I can do it once in a while :0