How long do you give a guy to text?

How long do you give a guy to text you to know he isn't interest? If he has a job and works a lot how do you know if he is just busy a lot or just doesn't want to talk I want him to text me first the last time we talked was 2 days ago tomorrow will be the third.


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  • I would give him 3 days. Sometimes we wait so we don't come off as desperate or needy. How would you feel if a guy you just met called you with in the first day. I don't know I just think from past experience that girls are more excited to see you again if you make them wait a few says before contacting them.

    • ya but I have talked to him since we had met.. that's the thing do guys always do that? text for awhile then just stop?

    • If you start to become really clingy or he has found another girl. Just try not texting him for a few days if he does not contact you try one more time. If no luck move on. But I agree dude sounds like a player.


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  • I usually give him about a week from the time of first contact and 1-2 days from the time of the first date. Especially if he is super busy like he says he is... I'd give it a few more days... :)

  • I hear you girl! Same situation with me. I'm not planning on chasing this guy

  • i ususally give a guy two days. I hate the feeling I get when he doesn't text me. I would try to text him something funny or interesting to get the texting going, but it doesn't work all the time and that's when I just try to forget him and move on.

    • I've thought of that to but I don't know like I tried to have a conversation with him and he was just horney I think so I stopped texting and the last thing he said was I'm gunna shower and I just didn't answer and I want him to text me

    • ask him what's going on in his life, or how has everything been. maybe he'll see that you care about him and will keep on texting you