A brief fling with a girl. Why did she contact me?

We had a brief fling for maybe 2-3 weeks in the summer. We both enjoyed it but lived in different cities so it ended their. Thought that was that but received a text of her recently asking how I was etc etc. I'm a little surprised to hear from her as I haven't heard anything her until now (and tbh didn't expect to either). Curious I checked her FB it seems she has a b/f. Why would you contact a fling? She has a boyfriend and it's not like we are friends?


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  • It sounds like she's making an attempt to establish a friendship. I'd guess that she enjoyed your company over the summer and wants to remain in communication. Since she has a boyfriend and she's in another city, she's probably not looking for a playmate.

    • ok thanks, seems a little pointless to me but I guess that's where guys and girls differ!

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    • not when you still would like to sleep with them! I don't know her boyfriend and frankly don't care she's attached so I don't think she'd be doing herself any favours being 'friends' with me!

    • Hmmm, okay. Well, you can let her know that while you'd love to see her again, you're not looking to acquire plaonic friendships. At least that's an honest approach.


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  • there are lots of reasons why she would contact you...maybe she saw something that reminded her of you and decided to get back in touch... but the only way to find out is to text her back and see what happens.

  • She probably wants to keep in contact with you so that she can have another "fling" if she ever breaks up with her boyfriend.


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  • A brief fling with the girl. Why did she contact you?

    • I don't know, I'm the one asking the question!

    • I don't know either. You are the one who got question to her.