Can I be with someone one and haven't gone on a date yet?

I really like this dude, we started to talk online, after we exchange number, but it been a month and we haven't gone on a date yet. He lives so far and we both have exams this year, I am willing to try anything to make it work!


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  • Long distant relationships are tough, you can have a spiritual relationship with this person but as far as dating it would be hard when you guys are so far away. I think you should continue to talk to this person, but don't close yourself off the the guys that are right there in your back yard. If you wait for this guy and you find out he is not the person he was through the internet then you may regret waiting all that time. So continue to talk to him, but don't be a caged bird get out there and enjoy life.



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  • how do you know him?