Why did he never text me?

This guy I like texted me before our winter break and said he wanted to meet up during it sometime. Then, he texted me again during break and said that we should hang out sometime the next week. I said that we should but then he never texted me this week to make plans...what's up? If he doesn't like me, fine, but why would he say that in the first place?


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  • He likes you but he simply chickened out. Don't overanalyze this. If the school starts and he still seems to like you, he will probably just ask you out again. Or you could do that instead(just give him some time before that). And DON'T get clingy! :)

  • Did you text him to check in for hanging out? He might have thought you were just being polite and saying yes if he didn't get anymore reassurance from you...