If a guy never initiates contact by texting or calling, is he interested still?

Me and this guy like each other very much. But he never calls me, and I'm the usual one to text him first. Is he really interested in me? Every-time I do text him, he answers right back. Instead of texting, I wish I could talk to him face-to-face though at times when I text.


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  • Mabey I'm just old fashioned but I would rather talk to someone face to face I find a lot of times my girl takes things the wrong way when I text her and the same thing goes for me! Also he may not like to talk on the phone when he is around his frends becuse well at least in my expearance his frends may make fun of him! And well for a guy at Least for me we have been taught not to show emotion so to do so in front of frends would not be cool! I think lattor in life and when your relationship is a little more Sirius you will find that this probly won't be as big of a deal with him!


What Girls Said 1

  • It's a very common thing to happen for guys. I'd say he likes you, but is just not very into you. Wait and see how it goes. Don't push him into anything because maybe he's not the right boyfriend for you :) x