Assuming you never kissed anyone before, how do you kiss someone for the first time?

I have (embarrassingly) never kissed anyone before in a romantic way, and I'm pretty sure a little "pucker up and peck on the lips" isn't gonna cut it. lol So, anyone have any suggestions?


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  • The type of kiss depends on the situation.

    One of my old girlfriends said her favorite was when I was talking to her after a show and stopped in conversation and kissed her then kept talking. She thought that was smooth.

    Be artistic. Whatever you think fits the moment.

    • Hmmm...good idea! Sure sounds better than building up an awkward pause before


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  • I`ll tilt my head to the right and you tilt your head to the right and then you join lips and open your mouth and let your tongues swirl together

    • *you tilt your head to the left

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    • Yeah you can imagine what a ditzy I am when it comes to the real thing

    • Yeah, but that would be kinda cute, too. ;) If a girl I was dating did that, I think I'd be more enamored with her, not less. :) (A girl who's a little bit ditzy is more my type anyway, since I have my dork-moments, too. lol)

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  • Make sure you pop a mentos before going starboard.

    • Ha ha! That wasn't very clear, but I give it points for cracking me up! ;)

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    • and don't eat garlic, onion, tuna or anything smelly like that before!

    • Good tips, girls! I hadn't thought about sweet food being a problem...great suggestion!

  • Just go as stated by these other answers tips are accurate just no gum for too long I got questioned about that and it was a total buzz kill a mint is better. good luck.

    • Yeah, gum doesn't strike me as very Good point.

  • Dude I hadn't kissed anyone before either until recently. When I did I had de ja vu like I knew what it was gonna feel like and I knew how to do it already . Just move in slowly maybe you know Hpw to do it you just don't know that you know

    • So, it's probably instinctive, to a degree? That's cool.