Does he really like me as a friend or is he just saying that?

After me and my ex boyfriend broke up he told me to move on. Now I have moved on but right when I started talking to another guy my ex started talking to me again. He was asking me questions about other guys and if I do stuff with them or if is till like him and why I still do. Then he started texting me all the time and my feelings started to come back for him. Then I had a hard time choosing between the two. Then I asked my ex if he still liked me and he said "as a friend" but I don't get why he would ask me all those questions and be curious with all that. and I still really like him and just don't want to blow my chance with him becuase I'm with this other guy.


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  • This sounds like a classic case of your next not wanting a relationship with you, but not wanting you to have a relationship with anyone else. Tell your ex that if he doesn't want to get back together then he needs to give you space so you can move on.

  • I think you should talk to your ex, he probably still likes you so he doesn't what anyone else to be with you. Talk to him so you can make your mind up about this other guy. lets hope you make the right choice :)