What is a big or small step in dating?

I was just wondering, in terms of moving forward (physically wise) in a relationship. The first step would be a small kiss, then more like making out, then touching b**bs, then touching lower, and then maybe fingering and then going all out. How big a jump does everyone consider each of these to be and how long should it take to get to each one.

ie. 1 month before making out

2 months before touching

I really don't know and was wondering what people thought.



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  • Well when I was 15 I lost my virginity...Girls mature faster than guys because the guy I lost my v card to was 18 and he lost his too with me. I say I was a little to young and I wished I waited a little longer but because I learned from my past I now have a easier time saying no and making a guy wait... I think if your with the right girl then things will happen naturally...in time.. Just make sure you always use condoms because females lie when they are young about birth control...You can't trust when girls say they use the pill cause they might be using the pill and skipping one or two by accident...If your uncomfortable moving your relationship forward then don't do it...Believe me the guys that say they get it all the time are usually the biggest liars and girls can tell when a guy lies right away.. If your with your girlfriend then ask her what she is comfortable doing...Dont be afraid to ask your girlfriend these questions and don't get hurt if she tries to give you advice on what to do... Hope this helps


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  • If we don't bang on the first date, you don't get a second.

  • Just do what feels natural, go slow and watch her reactions as you advace if you think she is feeling uncofertabe then stop, you could also try talking to her and see what she is comertable with! I don't think it is anny thing to do with speed or time it's more on how comertable two people are together!