Are we dating again? or still friends with benefits?

We were married 11 years and have 2 kids, he cheated got another girl pregnant. over the years they had 1 more. Finally she left him (long story crazy bitch).he wouldn't marry her...over the years (total of 13 year they were together ) him and I have always been freind with benifits...but I've fallen back in love with him...and now that she's gone. well...we have been dating I guess but, no one knows due to kids ect. ...


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  • Haha, wow, what a story. To be honest, if you'se've been able to keep it that long, its worth keeping. Ask him if he'd like to make it official, though. Don't worry about the kids, kids need some level of psycho-drama in their lives to make them grow into real cool swingers.


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  • That's really messy. Just ask him where you stand. If your marriage failed the first time around it's obvious you don't have great communication skills. You can change that now.

    • Very true...we were so young before...both have grown so much...;) thanks