I want an older guy. how can I get him?

So I'm 18 and he's 24... so a bit of an age difference. I like him a lot. and have known him for about a year. we talk occasionally, but nothing crazy.. are there any little things I could be doing to get his attention or maybe for him to get to like me back?


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  • It can be tough but it can work out just like any other guy your age. I was 21 in college and dated an 18 yo still in high school. My friend introduced us and I honestly thought she was older. Anyway it was tough because I was away at school and she was certainly a little less mature.

    Just remember you are in very different places at this point so it might be harder to get a seriously relationship going. If you were 24 and he was 30 it would be a lot easier but 18-21 is a big change in your life.

    So just flirt with him and see how it goes.


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  • Well this can be a tricky. He's certainly at a different stage in life and you only 18. So my only thing is he may see himself in a different time period, with different experiences. My advice would be to talk to him more, get to know him. Ask him questions. People love to talk about themselves, it's something we are all good at. As soon as you take interest in him he will notice. If he doesn't take the bait and get to know you as well then he doesn't have an interest. Which happens. Don't be too discouraged. I don't know what he's like but more of the 25 year olds I know are really starting to look for someone mature and someone to settle down with. (These however are the guy friends I have, may not be true for all.) So another step would be for you to show you are mature. He has already turned 21, did the drinking. I don't know him he may still be a party boy. ha ha He may be looking for someone willing to get serious. If you think you can do that then get to know him and go from there! :) once you feel like you have built your relationship to friendship level then tell him how you feel. Be patient though, with someone who doesn't that shows much interest now will need some time to become you friend first. And if it doesn't workout at least you have a new friend :) any questions don't hesitate to ask :)