Could you date someone you can't fully trust?

I don't know why but I have the constant urge to lie. Usually, it's just small things like saying I hate things I like or I did something that I really didn't. But, sometimes they are much large that I have no control when they get out of hand. I once created a totally different life when I was on vacation. I can easily fake a personality and accent if I wish and become a different person whether I go by my actual name or an alias. I haven't started dating again and my last relationship only lasted a few days. I just know this would put a lot of stress on any relationship I pursue.


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  • You have a problem that definitely needs professional help. It's not normal to feel the urge to lie constantly and being unable to control it. Seek a counselor!


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  • Would you feel comfortable lying to someone who trully loves you?

    if you say yes to that, its no to your question.

    • No, I don't feel comfortable lying to people that I love and those who obviously love me back. It's mainly th beginning stage of a relationship where you are just starting to get to know someone that I'm worried about because that is when I'm most likely to lie or pretend to be someone I'm not.

    • Its not hard to be honest.

      and just remember, people can lie to you too, so put yourself in that situation.

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  • UMM NO I would never date someone I couldn't trust, because I don't like feeling crazy, and when you don't trust someone that drives you crazy... You should really seek some help, b4 you get you life all screwed up!