How to teach him to kiss better without hurting his ego?

So this guy I'm seeing isn't very good at kissing (it's just tongue and I feel like he's eating my face) can I get him to kiss better without hurting his ego/feelings? I like him a lot and don't want him to feel bad.


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  • You could just tell him that you don't really like it, just don't finish speaking there. His response could probably be - in one tone or another - something like "Well how am I supposed to know what you want?" Follow it up with some positive points if there are any, and follow that up with what you would like and by clearly telling him how he can improve. He will be concerned and it might hurt his ego a little, but he'll really make an effort to improve if he hears the real truth, and if you keep telling him, "Yeah, it's still not very good, but it's much better" and "That was much better" and "That was really good ;)" then in the long run he'll get over it fine and his ego will make a full recovery, he may even become more confident.


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  • Next time you kiss gently pull back and smile then say "alittle less tongue" ...

    Oh and for the record women have big egos to, some bigger than men. :)


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  • men ,such as kids,adore games and next time you want to kiss,tell him : ''Let's play a game!You have to close your eyes and let me kiss you in a way I love'' and you knock him down with your best shoot :D good luck!

  • Obviously don't say "I don't like what your doing" but say "I like when you do it like this.." And show him what you like. He'll listen to that because he knows you like it and won't take it as an insult to his style. You can even try "I like it when you go slower" or "I like it when you use less/more tongue" you can even back away if this doesn't help and start kissing him the way you like it. Eventually he will get the hint