Is okay if a guys doesn't like to french kiss?

Hey I took things with my friend to the next level although we agreed on no sex, we kissed and all.but when I asked him to french kiss me, he said he doesn't quite like it. does this have something to do with me? thing is we really like each other,love even but we can't get into a relationship due to circumstances.then, we I directed his hand towards my breast when we were making out, he didn't really touch it but held my hips instead. when I told him he could touch it if he wanted, he said it's allright,nevermind because he didn't want it to seem like a bargain.I'm really confused because I know we love each other but the repercussions are way too much. does it have anything to do with me?


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  • Well it could be that he's scared that once he starts he won't be able to stop. Although that's probably not likely. It is rather strange that he doesn't want to touch you, I mean gosh, most guys would love that. Maybe you should just ask him what's up and if he's feeling uncomfortable. I think you have the right to know, I mean it's never nice to wonder if you're doing something wrong. So ask him. As for French kissing in general, I don't know if I'll ever be able to hang with a guy who doesn't like it, cause I just love it :-)

    • we both want to remain abstinent till marriage,but were also best friends and if we can dry hump,i felt comfortable enough to tell him it's okay if he wants to touch my breast.but as I said, he told me it's okay.and at one point,when we were talking about how this is going to go, he told he didn't want to invest feelings if there's not gonna be anythng.does this mean he's afraid to get hurt? I really love this guy

    • Yep I rekcon he is afraid and he's probably also scared that if he starts touching you, he might feel tempted to want to go further.


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  • It's not you. When you french kiss somebody make sure both of your breaths are clean. I would not french kiss a girl with bad breath. Also the reason why I think he didn't want to touch your breast is because you say you both are freinds and maybe he wants to keep it like that instead of taking it to the next level. Or maybe he could be thinking about you and his cicumstance? I think the problem is him that he isn't ready to take things to the next level.

    • well,i know my breath was clean and nice and's true,we're best friends.and at one point I stopped and asked him why is he doing this,does he like me and everything.i mean, we went to the point of dry I need to know why this is happening..

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    • yeah,we do live far apart..and we meet on rare occasions..we kissed for the first time about a month ago and when we met this time,the kiss was longer and more I said,dry humping..but he never goes overboard or anything..that's always been him.sweet and sensitive..and when I asked him if he was okay doing this, he asked me back the same question.i feel tht he is holding back so as not to hurt himself,but I felt kinda sad when he didn't want to french kiss a way confused..

    • Don't feel sad about the french iss. If you guys just kissed for the first time. it will take time for the french kiss even though you guys kissed passionatley. You are right it sounds like he is holding back and he is not letting loose. I also think that's good that yo uguys put an effort to see each other even though you live apart. It's always the effort that counts. And don't try to rush the french kiss. if he likes you like he says he does. Then it will happen in due time.

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  • honestly, I think that's a little weird. most guys will try to get as far as they can. maybe he's not really that into you, not so offend you or anything but maybe its just weird for him. maybe he just sees you as a friend and is not that comfortable doing that. I've done that with a close guy friend of mine, and he tried to do as much as he could with me. and we're still friends, and everything. but I could tell he really wanted to sleep with me... idk, I think it might be weird for him

    • well if he's really not tht into me then why did we get to the point of dry humping?i'm just wondering because this situation is just so confusing right now for me..if we can dry hump,why couln't he touch my breast is all I'm wondering..

  • No its not you, I hate french kissing too, unless I'm really into it then I just don't care. Its just like one big spit party. Grossss =/

    • Oh strange, I thought all women loved French kissing. I'm rather indifferent to it myself.

    • but how do I tell him that I really love frenching?

    • You could always just gently get into it. Start with just open mouth kissing, then once you think he's into it enough try to take it to french kissing. Or you could just talk to him about it, and find out what the problem is?

  • and maybe he's gay.

    (just throwing an idea there)