ADVICE! Boy #1 Or Boy #2?? Help Me Please!!

#1-Ok So I have been dating this guy for a little over two years I started dating him back in 11th grade, we were engaged. We have lived together for a year and a half. We Have Broken up a few times for stupid reasons at first but the last time we broke up he broke up with me to mess around with some girl he met at the mall this was back in June. Well then he came back. . now he moved to a different state for work for a few months. He is in debt pretty bad. I found out that he was watching girls on web cam behind my back ( I watch porn and stuff with him so I don't get why he hid it) I love him though. . .

Guy # 2.-I have known him since 10th grade, he is in the military right now and is so amazing! He texts and calls me more than my own boyfriend he always is telling me how amazing and beautiful I am. He has goals in life and he seems to really like me.

*** So by the sounds of it you get an idea of them. I am so confused on what to do I really like guy # 2 and I think I am in love with # 1 but I can't tell if its just that I have been with him for so long and I am scared of change? My mom hates my boyfriend and I hate him for what he has done to me. I can't help but to wonder if he is cheating on me each day when he was with me and now he is out of state What do I do? Avice PLease!


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  • #1. Doesn't seem like he's real serious about much. I'd say try to get out of the relationship before you get hurt.

    #2. Seems to really like you and is serious about a lot of things.

    #2 is the type of guy most girls should go for because they make them feel good and #1 is the type most girls should stay away from unless you want to hurt the girl that's being serious with him because he's going to wind up doing it again and again.


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  • Guy number two seems like a breathe of fresh air, while guy #1 just sees you as his go-to-girl. Sorry for that uncomfortable position you're in, but guy #1 has given you little care or consideration to really decline the admiration #2 brings to the table.

    #2 is for you, keep #1 as a friend but not worth risking it all on, which you have already done, right?


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  • well, I think you really know what to do.ditch the'll get over it and will really enjoy the time you will have NOT being with him and wondering, all the time, if he's with some other girl, which he probably is.guy number two sounds really nice.if he really likes you, then why are you even questioning?