He deactivated his online profile, am I expected to as well?

We met through an online dating site and have been officially together for a little more than two months. He has deactivated his profile a few days ago probably (he hadn't told me he was going to deactivate it).

I rarely use mine and don't reply messages... But it is there. Am I expected to deactivate mine as well, out of courtesy, even though he hasn't told me anything about it?


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  • It would probably make him feel better if you did. I think he wants you to but if he asked you to, it would sound controlling. Do you really still need it right now?


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  • Remove it. Doesn't matter if you don't use it, take it down. It will cause issues.

    • Yes I agree I removed mine but when the person I was dating did not I put it back up be a good thing to discuss together. Hope all works out smooth.

  • Well, just ask him.