We've never talked before. I need some help here guys?

Okay so there is this guy I like. there are rumors going around that he likes me. We've never talked before and I see him in the school hallways about twice a day. We make eye contact for like a second but that's it. I really want to know if he likes me or I really want him to know that I like him. I heard guys like it when you straight up tell them you like him. But I did this before to a guy I liked and it totally backfired. So should I tell this guy I like him. Again I want to stress that we've never talked before and don't have any classes together so we can't talk now. WHAT SHOULD I DO?


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  • maybe you should get to know him a little better. he might be a little creeped out if a girl he's never really talked to out of the blue asks him out. plus its always better to be friends with a guy before you date him.

  • Be friend him first. Not everyone will agree with me on this, but hands on heart, a good relationship always starts with friendship. Be friend, get to know him, observe his action (but don't read too much into it). It's your choice whether you want a casual fling/dating or serious relationship with him. I'd say relationship is a bit too early for both of you, but be prepared to face all the consequences should both of you break-up when both of you are casually dating. x