First Date in 23 years!

Tonight is my first date in 23 years. I just got divorced. The guy I'm going out with is a very good friend and we are just going out as friends, but thinking of maybe being more. He is also just out of a long time marriage.

Anyone ever been in this situation that could give good advice? I like him very much and would like more but I'm not sure where he stands although his body language is usually easy to read, so I'll know where he stands I think. Words won't work here. I'm thinking actions or body language is what I need to use.

Needless to say I'm nervous but so excited at the possibility!


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  • Don't put too much pressure on the date, or the guy, to go a certain way. You're both just out of long term relationships. Give yourselves time and space to breath, and try to just enjoy the evening.

    Try telling him upfront that it IS a date, but that your dating skills are rusty and you need to be able to practice. He knows your situation, so he'll understand that.


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  • You will likely wind up in bed and have amazing sex. This is not uncommon when people have a new partner after a long time. It' the first time you got to have sex of your own choosing (marital sex is often negotiated and not always enthusiastically volunteered).

    I slept with someone's wife of 17 years, she had the first 3 orgasms of her life and was shaken by the experience. It can be very powerful but it doesn't necessarily mean anything.


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  • go with the flow.

  • relax, have fun.